Let's Talk Money® is designed for the financial services professional.

Let's Talk Money® is a series of customized, client-contact newsletters designed to get your message out and your sales in. Our FINRA-reviewed, turnkey newsletters offer valuable life insurance and financial service content relevant to your customers and prospects. Available in three delivery formats and five versions, Let's Talk Money® helps you stay top-of-mind for life-changing events and establishes you as the go-to financial professional.

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Available in three full-service delivery formats:


Combine the personalized, four-page print newsletter with full mailing services.


Distribute the personalized PDF to your customers and post it to your website.


Your personalized e-mail newsletter is sent to your customers for you, linking to complete articles.

* Referral Program: For current customers only. Refer a new Let's Talk Money® subscriber and receive a $25 credit on your subscription account. Simply ask the new subscriber to mention your name when ordering.

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