Let's Talk Money® is designed for the financial services professional.

Let's Talk Money® is a series of customized, client-contact newsletters designed to get your message out and your sales in. Our FINRA-reviewed, turnkey newsletters offer valuable life insurance and financial service content relevant to your customers and prospects. Available in three delivery formats and five versions, Let's Talk Money® helps you stay top-of-mind for life-changing events and establishes you as the go-to financial professional.

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Available in three full-service delivery formats:


Combine the personalized, four-page print newsletter with full mailing services.


Distribute the personalized PDF to your customers and post it to your website.


Your personalized email newsletter is sent to your customers for you, linking to complete articles.

* Referral Program: For current customers only. Refer a new Let's Talk Money® subscriber and receive a $25 credit on your subscription account. Simply ask the new subscriber to mention your name when ordering.

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